Custom Software

We are making custom versions of our downloadable software available for a very modest fee.

If your clients are involved in evaluating or purchasing real estate that they plan to rent out to tenants, what better way to boost your business than by offering your clients a free tool to evaluate rental properties? Or better yet, one that displays your contact information on every report?

When you purchase a custom version of the software, we create a special version just for you. You provide us with your custom message, and your version will display that message at the top of every report. So you could, for example, have each report display your name, contact information, and a link to your Website. You provide your clients with a valuable investing tool, and they see your information every time they use it!

More details:

We will provide a custom version of the software for only $95.00. Our turn around is normally within a week.

To get your custom version, Contact us with your custom message today. Note: Please do not send payment information via our contact form. We will provide you with the means to make your payment securely.