Marketing your Rental Property

Author: Michael Peterson

OK, so you have a rental property and you want to find yourself the right tenants. Any successful landlord can tell you that marketing your properties to the right people is a critical part of succeeding in the rentals game. You should break your marketing up into different categories and pursue them in order to attract the widest array of applicants in order to better the chances of finding the right tenants for your property.

Traditionally rental properties are listed in the local newspapers and most of the time this is where the eventual renters find your property. Be as descriptive as possible about what you are offering and the amenities that your property has. If you are detailed about what you have and what you expect from tenants the process will flow much more smoothly . Another good idea is to investigate your target market and advertise in media related to that market. For example: you have a property that is close to a college, try advertising in their campus paper or posting signs on their community boards.

Word of mouth is also a great advertising tool and is quite underrated. This is a fantastic tool in the world of home sales and the same holds true for rentals. Another method of finding people is listing your home with a rental agency or listing your rental on a rental-specific website. This will provide your property with excellent exposure on both a local and national level. Now, when you have a good selection of applicants, be careful about who you choose. Don't ever be afraid to ask for and thoroughly check the references that the applicants provide. Also, plan on being an attentive landlord. Being involved in the running of your property is the best way to ensure that it is profitable in the long run.

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